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The sandy beach of Calafell

Dive along the 5 km of fine sandy beach. Practice your favorite sport. Try some of the exquisite secrets cooked in the stoves of their restaurants. Enjoy its parties and activities that take place throughout the summer.

Calafell is on the Costa Dorada. It is characterized by long beaches of fine golden sand, with sweet slopes and shallow waters. Ideal for spending a fun and enjoyable family vacation with children.

Family Holiday in Calafell

Calafell enjoys a privileged climate with more than 300 sunny days a year.

Calafell is a real paradise for children, with a car-free promenade surrounded by palm trees and iodine-rich shallow beaches.

Calafell has many possible activities to choose from: zip lines, mini-golf, horse riding, a super long slide in the middle of nature.

From Calafell you can make interesting bike tours: cycling to the port of Segur de Calafell or to Comarruga. With also other possibilities like: 

Calafell Cycling Routes

  • Calafell - Vilanova i la Geltrú (15/30 km): A 15 km journey along the coast without any unevenness or difficulty and with the option of returning by train. Possibility of extending it to Sitges with the option also of returning by train.

  • Calafell - Foix reservoir (80 km): A longer route with a visit to the Foix Natural Park. The castle dominates over the swamp on the Foix river. The waters of the swamp is a place frequented by birds. The itinerary runs through Calafell, Cunit, Cubelles, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Castellet i la Gornal, l’Arboç, Mas Llorenç, Santa Oliva, El Vendrell and back to Calafell.

  • Calafell - Aiguaviva (50 km): Another proposal of greater unevenness and difficulty that passes between the typical vineyards of the Penedés. The itinerary runs through Calafell, El Vendrell, Santa Oliva, Mas Llorenç, Aiguaviva, La Juncosa del Montmell, La Bisbal del Pendes, Les Peces, El Vendrell and finally Calafell.

Historical heritage

Calafell has a wide historical heritage, testimony to a rich past: the unique Iberian citadel (2500 BC), the medieval castle of Santa Creu (11th century), the Casa Barral museum, the hermitage of Sant Miquel, the old Roman villa of the "Vilarenc", the fishermen's guild around which the lives of the inhabitants of the beach and the houses of Indians revolved.

You will have the opportunity to visit its monuments and get lost in the small streets and unpublished corners.

The medieval castle of Santa Creu de Calafell is located in the old Calafell village and it is a thousand-year-old. From the castle you can see spectacular views of the beach and its surroundings. Inside, the Romanesque chapel and the water tank that served as a prison and pirate refuge have been preserved. Outside there are anthropomorphic tombs and grain deposits. The silhouette of the castle that can be seen from the north is especially beautiful.

The Iberian citadel located in the core of Calafell beach is very close to the Costa d’Or apartments. The citadel, with its walls, streets and houses, was partially rebuilt with historical criteria from the remains that were found. The entrance to the citadel transports the visitor 2,500 years ago. We recommend your visit and even attend historical re-enactments of different scenes from the Iberian era.

Enjoy at Calafell Beach

Calafell offers a varied gastronomy of a Mediterranean character where fish, rice and xató stand out. On the seafront, with its cafes and restaurants, you can savor a paella by the sea. The walk offers a lively and summery atmosphere for families. You can enjoy a walk by the sea, enjoy an ice cream or have a drink in the moonlight.

Come to Calafell and relax. Enjoy the small pleasures of life !