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The Montserrat Monastery is located in a spectacular rock formation in the shape of a saw. Montserrat is the heart of the Catalan religious and spiritual sentiment.

The monastery was founded in the 11th century with the Romanesque image of the Virgin of Montserrat "La Moreneta". The Virgin of Montserrat is the patron saint of Catalonia and venerated by pilgrims.

The Benedictine monks of Montserrat dedicate their lives to work and prayer. They take care of the sanctuary and the reception of pilgrims and visitors.

The Monastery has the "La Escolanía". It is the oldest white voice choir in the world. Visitors to Montserrat can hear their songs every noon.

In the Montserrat Museum you can see a magnificent art collection. One of the most important art museums in Catalonia. It has five different collections and more than 1,600 pieces.

It is recommended to access the Monastery of Montserrat by cable car or by rack railway. From the sanctuary you can make excursions through the mountains and contemplate the spectacular views. From the Monastery there is the option of continuing to ascend with the Sant Joan Funicular or descend to Santa Cova through a meandering itinerary with splendid panoramic views. La Santa Cova is a troglodyte chapel attached to the rock in which according to legend some shepherds found the image of the virgin.

Next to the monastery there are shops, restaurants and cafes. There is a street market with typical products where honey, mató cheese and digestive liquor with aromas from Montserrat stand out.

In Collbató,  close to Montserrat mountain, you can visit the Salnitre caves. Caves with an impressive karst landscape with stalactites, stalagmites and columns with whimsical and original shapes. Formations produced by the action of rainwater on the conglomerate and the calcareous material for thousands of years.