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Visit Tarragona during your beach holidays in Calafell and discover an amazing city where you can discover an ancient civilization.

Tarragona is located close to Calafell beach. From your beach holiday apartments in Calafell you can arrive easily to Tarragona by public transport and also by car.

Tarragona has important Roman remains declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  In Tarragona you can find also numerous shops and shopping centers. 

The Iberians were the first known inhabitants of Tarragona and the cyclopean walls are from that time. The time of maximum splendor in Tarragona is the time of the Roman Empire. Tarraco was the capital of the Hispania citerior and during this period it received a strong urban impulse.

Capital of Hispania

A visit to the city of Tarragona serves to move 2000 years ago. We can appreciate excellent Roman ruins such as the forum, the walls, the amphitheater, the praetorium and the Roman circus.

We especially recommend a visit to the Roman circus. They will be able to walk among the remains that have been preserved from the stands and get an idea of ​​the majesty and size of Tarraco through virtual recreation. The Roman circus occupied what is now the town hall square. Another very interesting visit is the amphitheater.

Tarragona has a medieval area dominated by the cathedral and its magnificent cloister.

There is a Jewish neighborhood that had only two communications with the city. One of these communications is the Iberian gate called the Jewish gate.

Lively shopping centre

During the 20th century it suffered a strong industrialization thanks to its port and became a modern city. El "Serrallo" is a typical fishermen's neighborhood where they can taste delicious dishes based on fish.

The center of Tarragona is the Rambla. A beautiful avenue that ends at the "Balcó del Mediterrani" and separates the old from the modern city

A few tips

To get to Tarragona, we recommend arriving via the AP7 motorway. Before leaving Tarragona you will find a parking sign and point of interest. If you stop there, you can visit the Roman aqueduct that supplied the city with water known as the "Pont del Diable".

To return to Calafell, we recommend taking the N-340. A few kilometers from the Tarragona exit, on the left, is the funerary monument of the "Torre dels Escipions". At 26 km following the N-340 (formerly “Via Augusta”) you will see the honorific arch known as the “Arc de Berà”, austere construction very typical of the early days of the empire.

Tarragona can also be reached by train from Calafell, changing at the Sant Vicenç de Calders station. The train leaves you right next to the staircase that leads you to the "Balcó del Mediterrani", viewpoint of the Rambla de Tarragona. So it is quite easy to reach Tarragona from Calafell. So we recommend you to book your beach holidays at Costa d'Or apartments enjoy the beach of Calafell and visit Tarragona from Calafell.