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Roc de Sant Gaietà 

El Roc de Sant Gaietà is a pretty village on the Roda beach near the Arc de Berà.

Town located in a rocky enclave known by fishermen as "La Punta Palomera" for being the dividing line between the waters of Penedès and Tarragona.

In your visit you will enjoy beautiful views from there. It is a good place to spend an romantic afternoon with your family.

The compact town with its pines twisted by the wind near the sea. It is on top of a calcareous rocky point.

The buildings are a mixture of styles: Gothic castle, Romanesque monastery, Andalusian courtyard, Renaissance palace, Mudejar popular architecture, houses that imitate the Sardinian style, Galician granary, etc.

From the side of the marina, there is a small pedestrian promenade that runs over the cliffs and leads us to the Church of Berà. From there there are some beautiful panoramic views and you can admire the sunsets.