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Cookies are pieces of code sent by the websites you visit. These cookies are stored on your device in small files that websites can consult later. Depending on their functionality, cookies can be classified as follows:

  • Preference Cookies. They are used, for example, to remember the language you have chosen to browse.
  • Process Cookies. When you access a private area, these cookies stores useful data to be consulted the day you return. In online shops, for example, they allow you to save your shopping cart for a specific time.
  • Security Cookies. They are used to prevent fraudulent handling of your access credentials, for example.

We use Analysis Cookies on this website to allow Google Analytics to provide us with some anonymous data about your visit, allowing us to improve the content we offer.

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Cookie Purpose
alc They are used to indicate the cookie preferences of the current user.
utma / utmb / utmc / utmt / utmz / _ga / _gat / _gac / _gid They are used by Google Analytics to differentiate users. They collect data about the interaction with the website.


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