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How to arrive to Calafell from Reus Airport (REU) (45 km)


Costa d’Or Apartments

Vilamar 101 – 43820 Calafell – Spain
e-mail: info@hacostador.com
Phone: +34 977 69 21 00
GPS 41.188413 , 1.577131


From the Reus airport (REU) you can take a taxi, which can cost approximately 90-110 Euros, taking about 40 minutes.


There is a car rental service at Reus airport (REU). Once at Calafell is quite easy to arrive fast everywhere by public transport, so it is not necessary to rent the car for all the days.

Time: 40 min.


Take a bus to Reus Train Station (30 min.). Bus timetables depend on flight arrivals. From Reus Train Sation there are train connections to Calafell . First of all get the train to Barcelona and get off at St. Vicenç de Calders (about 30 min). Once at St. Vicenç de Calders transfer to another a train to Barcelona and get off at Calafell (about 5 min). It will be clearly signposted. These trains depart every 30 min. approx. Last train from St. Vicenç de Calders to Calafell at 22:00 hrs. Costa d’Or apartment hotel is located 150 metres from the station.

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